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Wood Floors


Hardwood Floors



5 step cleaning process: 


We will inspect the floors for scratches, bad finishes, and worn areas. We will advise you of anything that may not clean up. 


We will sweep the floor to remove the maximum amount of large debris as possible.  


We will pre-spray the floors with hardwood floor safe cleaner. This will make the dirt from the floor transfer to the bonnet. 


Using an electric buffer and cotton bonnet we will buff the floor to remove dirt, grime, some scuff marks, etc. 


To remove any residue or haze left by the cleaner we will use a clean cotton bonnet and buff the clean floor. This will bring back some of the original shine. Note: buffing will not add anymore shine to the floors than was there originally. Depending on whether the finished used was gloss, semi-gloss or satin, will determine the final shine.







Hardwood Floor Care